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Original message: Not being a regular consumer of police/crime writing, I stumbled across this show quite by accident last night (Saturday, 23 Nov, 2013). Spending a fair amount of time in Europe the past few years, I generally like European TV and movie dramas. I do not minding sub-titles at all, so when searching for something worthwhile to watch last night, I was happy to see "something European" being offered and thought I'd give it a look. It was easy for me to suspend my disbelief and "buy into" the story. At that time last night, I didn't know this was the first part of a series, so I was just a little frustrated when the episode ended on a cliff-hanger. That really wasn't a bad thing... but I do hope the series continues with showings of the remaining episodes. The character development was outstanding for the entire episode. The police "captain" is a very "Judy-Dench-esk". The rest of the crew is equally well cast. In summary, if you like a good police drama that is cast by actors you probably have not already type-cast in your head, you would be well advised to give this series a look. I don't see any upcoming episodes listed on the CH 12 website... but I am hopeful they will appear there soon. This is an excellent show, in my opinion. I'm eager to learn more about the Swedish writer Jan Arnald (pen name Arne Dahl).
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