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Original message: I can not tell you haow angry this program on c 12-1 is making me. Still going on about illegals who can not speak english. Illegals is what this started with and it is still being dragged out. This started about 1970 . the opinion was divided between teach them english and a mickey mouse program of easing them into english. It was , "oh those poor kids, they can not handle english. Now you are broadcasting a program in mostly spanish about the same thing. Get off of it. It has been 43 years and the program still doesn't work. You have actually discriminated against them by holding them back in trying to "TAKE CARE OF THEM." ACTUALLY ALL YOU FOLKS IN FAVOR OF THIS ARE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THEM AND AGAINST THE REST OF US. NEITHER GROUP CAN GET ON WITH LIFE, YOU KEEP DRAGGING THIS ALONG. When John W. Powell (of Grand Canyon fame) was 14 years old he ran a farm while his father was a preacher. He did just fine. Let these kids learn english so they can do fine. Please post this. It is time to get on with life after 43, yes 43 years of this.
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