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Original message: In response to a comment that CPT12 made to input from one of your viewers, you said that “Part of the Mission of Colorado Public Television is to serve under-represented interests by providing access to diverse and opposing viewpoints. This one probably falls in that category”. I have to disagree. Creationism is not an “under-represented interest”, nor is it a “diverse and opposing viewpoint”. It is simply wrong, nothing more and nothing less. Natural law is not governed by diverse or opposing viewpoints. If I think that gravity no longer exists, it does not give me special dispensation to levitate. If some people think that the world is flat, or that the Sun orbits around the Earth or that Zeus created the universe, do they represent under-served interests that warrant 60 minutes on public TV? Do they represent diverse and opposing viewpoints that are credible alternatives for explaining the way the world works? Nope, they’re just wrong. And intelligent design has no more verifiable scientific support than any of the examples above.
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