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Original message: You need to get the correct info to the viewers to help raise the amount of your pledges. You're talking about IL DIVO.....the commentator, a few minutes, ago, said she didn't know IF IL DIVO had ever been to Denver!!!!!!!!!!! YES! I was at their concert WICKED GAME on Aug 18, 2012 at the Wells Fargo Theatre. They performed Aug 18 & 19 and even MAYOR HICKENLOOPER declared IL DIVO DAY in August.....you can vet this on the internet. They JUST finished, a few days ago, performing the first time on BROADWAY IN NEW YORK!!!!! Their concert is A MUSICAL AFFAIR and is available to the public now. In a few weeks, they will commence another world wide lengthy tour of A MUSICAL AFFAIR. WICKED GAME tour lasted 9 months and was WORLD WIDE. BTW, they have sold over 26 MILLION albums! DAVID MILLER, a member of IL DIVO, is from Denver. PLEASE CORRECT AND ADD TO YOUR INFO....IT WILL BE IN YOUR BEST INTEREST FINANCIALLY! Cherie Price 303-261-7848
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