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Original message: Anyone who has actually taken the time to investigate what ID really is will know that it is NOT creationism, but cutting edge science. Anyone who does not offer a reasoned, dignified, evidence-based response to the ID theorists but resorts to distracting techniques such as name-calling, put-downs, insults and other vitriol, is behaving in a manner that will do nothing but detract from any possible legitimate arguments they might attempt to offer. Those who support evolution should, as proper scientists are expected to do, welcome challenge to their theories, which, if they are correct, will withstand the challenge. If not, they should willingly examine alternative explanations that follow the evidence. Science is not name-calling. Intolerance and prejudice is embodied by it. Kudos to PBS for having the intellectual honesty and courage to present this information at prime time or otherwise. Do not be intimidated, PBS.
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