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Original message: Dear CPT, I am the President of a dog rescue in Boulder. I am always interested in training and a lifelong supporter of PBS. I was excited to watch your show Train your Dog like a Pro the other night, and recorded the entire program on my DVR. I expected it to be an educational show based on science and the best techniques in dog training. Sadly you are promoting a total hack with zero understanding of canine behavior, who subscribes to the old school training method of dominance training. The theory behind dominance training is the same theory of an abusive husband - you use force, and your victim obeys. That is all Don Sullivan's training technique is - abusive force used to get dogs to obey. There is no actual training, no understanding of the underlying issues that the dog feels so that you can decondition them to stimuli. No understanding of brain science and the fact that dogs who are learning under stress are actually not learning, just obeying. Don Sullivan can get a dog to obey because they are stressed and scared - he however cannot teach a dog anything, other than that humans are unfair and scary. Very disappointing and I urge you to pull his program from PBS. I see he is still being advertised on your website. Does anyone at PBS understand animal behavior? Please someone ask Don Sullivan how he learned his techniques. I watched his youtube video and he basically just started training dogs through dominance - he didn't go to school or train under any of the top trainers and behaviorists in the country who base their training on cutting edge science (Patricia McConnel, Ian Dunbar, Pat Miller are examples of the best dog trainers - they all have PhDs). Don Sullivan calls other training techniques Poop. Are you kidding me? Really PBS, I am appalled. If you need someone with an understanding of dog training to come in and explain how awful Don Sullivan's scam of a program is, I'd be more than happy tome in to your office and invite some actual behaviorists and professional trainers. I expect more from PBS. Don Sullivan's dominance and abuse is not training and it is not educational.
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