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Original message: Hello, I appreciate having a forum to provide feedback on your show. I am a local trainer who provides positive reinforcement based training serviced to owners and dogs in Colorado. This means that we reward dog for making appropriate choices, which increases the liklihood a desirable behavior will be repeated. Because dogs learn through the consequences of their behavior, if a behavior is reinforced, it will be repeated again. If a behavior is not reinforced, the dog will not continue to expend their energy repeating it because it doesn't "work" for them. This does not mean that we need to add pain or fear during training in order to get desirable behavior. We have amazing human brains capable of putting a man on the moon, how is it that we can't train a dog without force?! It would be laughable if we weren't fighting such an uphill battle to stop the general public from thinking this is acceptable. It's a problem perpetuated by television shows like this and others, but you guys hold the power to change things for dogs and owners for the better! How refreshing and wonderful it would be to see a trainer who actually studies the science behind training, not just some dude with a camera perpetuating abuse of man's best friend! A professional has formal schooling and maintains their knowledge by attending various seminars by the industry leaders annually, and spend lots of time studying modern training protocols to provide for the community. That said, this guy is using methods outdated by over 20 years, and is applying them to a living, feeling, sentient being! That's crazy! Anyone worth their weight would not ever consider using some of the techniques employed in this show. They are dangerous for the dog and for the handler. Please, use the weight you carry in the community to help others understand what real dog training looks like. Please don't replay this show. It is doing damage every time it is seen.
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