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Original message: I have 2 dogs that I have trained using Sullivan's drop leash program over the past 5 years and it has been very effective in training the owner and teach the owner how to be the leader and trainer by his involvement and not to some "trainer" who will do it for you. I walk my dogs daily for over 40 minutes and meet others on the path that constantly compliment me on my dogs behavior and control. This being the case most of these owners are too lazy to engage the procedure themselves as they don't want to take the time even for basic obedience training. Most of these nay-sayers on Sullivan are probably "professional trainers" that want to knock the self-training program. Sullivan is very knowledgeable in dealing with dogs and their mentality and as such is very effective with his program. This also provides a bonding between the owner and dog to establish the leader of the relationship rather than a stranger doing it.
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