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Original message: I am the producer/ director of "FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds" and I've been following the viewer comments in response to your station's recent broadcasts of our documentary. Not surprisingly, they were an impassioned mixture of praise and rebuke for the program. http://www.tyleropenmri.comwww.cpt12.org/community/viewer_buzz.cfm?s=898&ta=1 The theory of intelligent design has stirred intense debate for more than a century. The search for a scientific explanation for the origin of life on earth is a holy grail for biologists, chemists, geneticists and philosophers...and, it should be. On behalf of the entire Illustra Media team, I want to thank and commend Colorado Public Television 12 for having the courage to present a program that challenges the conventional scientific paradigm. Many PBS stations have rejected FLIGHT because they are fearful of negative viewer response. Such decisions puzzle me. By definition "public" television exists to present and consider a wide spectrum of views not available on commercial networks. Controversy and debate are never bad things. Especially when they involve the "big questions" of life. We appreciate your open mindedness and the platform you provided for our film.
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