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Original message: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Meredith Thaler 5898 Vance St. Arvada, Co 80003 metphee@gmail.com 303-242-0175 19 December 2013 DENVER POST-PUNK SINGER GOES POP, SET TO RECORD JANUARY DECEMBER 2013, DENVER, CO: Phee, the lead vocalist of local post-punk sensation Smallz the Cat, set to record pop album beginning January of 2014. Phee is taking the opportunity to launch her solo pop career, with her band taking a break following the recording of their EP. Working with producer, Steve Wiest, she is set to begin recording her album in early January 2014. “I don’t want people to think that Smallz is going anywhere,” Phee said, “but I am really excited to get everything going with my solo project. It’s been a long time coming!” ABOUT PHEE: Phee will stop at nothing until her goal of becoming a top-tier performer is reached and exceeded. She aims to have her album completed by summer of 2014 in order to begin live performances. Through multiple live shows, wide distribution of the completed music, and social networking, Phee will market her personal brand. Phee is old world glamour and new world appeal mixed with the edge of Pat Benatar and a side of plucky comic relief. In addition to music, Phee is heavily involved with NAMI and ending the negative stigma against mental illness and bringing awareness to the realities that mental health is physical health. A geek to the core, she is a host for a sci-fi fantasy talk radio show called Master Control and is an avid supporter of alternative lifestyles. This is Phee. She is serious. She is funny. She is awesome. She is crazy, but always in a fun way. She is sexy. She tells her own story and the stories of those around her. She provokes thought and brings reprieve. This is Phee and the world will be hearing from her. Phee is available for interviews. Her press kit is available by request through metphee@gmail.com or by calling 303-242-0175. ###
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