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Original message: Just found out you are going to be showing FrackNation this weekend. Thank you for presenting all sides of the debate. It seems there is a particular demographic (primarily political) that feels public television belongs to them and that only programs that promote, and agree with, their beliefs and opinions should be aired on public television. Anything aired that doesn't meet their self-imposed delusions, and, OMG, they will never support public television again!! Grow up people. Thank you CPT12 for refusing to be bullied by these bullies. I wanted to get to one of the past local viewings of FrackNation, but was never able to. Now I can watch it on CPT12! My only complaint is that you put it on at a time (1-3am, or 3-5am) that makes it difficult for many people to watch, including myself (no DVR service).
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