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Original message: I'm appalled that CPT is allowing this film to air. Although mockumentaries can be wonderful, this film does not lie within that genre. It lies in a new category, and I just coined the term - "Crockumentary" This film intends to intentionally mislead the audience on issues very important to Coloradans, and it does so by using blatant lies disguised as truths. Misleading the public on extremely important issues relating to their health and well being, the environment in which they live, the rapidly changing climate, the fiscal impacts of "fracking" is something which I believe CPT12 should distance themselves from to save credibility, but also to avoid an onslaught of what has already been a relentless campaign by the oil and gas industry to force themselves upon - and into - Colorado in any manner they deem fit. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW THIS PIECE OF CORPORATE PROPAGANDA ON YOUR CHANNEL!!
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