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Original message: If you have tuned in to other television stations, listened to radio, read newspapers, or gone on the internet, you most likely have come across advertising, by the oil and gas industry, promoting fracking. The oil and gas industry is probably the richest, most powerful industry on earth and has pockets deeper than a fracked well. Their propaganda is everywhere, and I don't appreciate seeing it (FrackNation) on Channel 12. I see public television as an alternative to the commercial media which promotes corporate generated falsehoods, and doesn't give us unbiased reporting. Please don't support an industry and viewpoint that has destroyed entire ecosystems and could potentially cause mass extinctions through climate change. Your funds would be better spent exposing how fossil fuels are a large contributor to climate change, and threaten all life support systems on Earth. At the very least, show programs that support unbiased, scientifically accurate accounts of the issue.
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