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Original message: A quick note... I am a big public TV and Radio supporter. It is one of the few successful, efficient and valuable endeavors partially funded by the government. It enlightens my life -- usually that is. Today I saw the subject show, along with an interview with the film maker... To present such a show on PBS that preys on the gullibility of viewers is unconscionable. Such topics as crop circles and alien visits etc... do not stand up to any serious scrutiny; and this is well known by most viewers of public TV. What CPT-12 is trying to accomplish with such presentations and interviews is beyond my grasp, unless it is an attempt to pull in the Star News audience to public TV. Shame on you. For me, however, I do enjoy watching such charlatan television from time to time as a reminder of the fact that in this country there is still a sucker born every minute; and to not expect rational discourse in all areas of life. Sometimes it is a useful lesson. Also, sometimes, when in the right mood, I find these shows funny. But seriously, I would not donate money to a PBS station for such junk. I can always turn to channel 22.5 or whatever for it.
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