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Original message: I agree wholeheartedly with those viewers who are upset with the last episode of rape, etc. First of all this episode was written in such a fashion that it did not AT ALL reflect the manner in which Anna has always put herself forward. In a small way, perhaps only noticible to those who are extremely aware of the characters in this story would catch. Anna would never be playing games with the rest of the kitchen staff while her husband looks on! They are just about the ONLY COUPLE whom have a respectful, loving relationship. This was so out of context of "Anna". Julian is drifting so far off course it is sad. Get back on track and have Anna wake up to what was a horrible dream (even this takes place next season). You must have a lot of meaningless "stuff " in the future for those who will continue to watch Downton Abbey! How sad that You, Julian & your producer have decided to take the LOW ROAD! One more thing. You "PBS" should NEVER REVEAL WHAT IS COMING UP IN A FUTURE EPISODE, (LIKE YOU DID WITH THIS ONE). IT IS NO DIFFERENT FROM TELLING SOMEONE (IN THIS CASE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE) HOW A "MOVIE" ENDS WHEN YOU KNOW FULL WELL THAT THE PERSON WAS PLANNING TO SEE THE "MOVIE" IN A FEW DAYS! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO WERE INVOLVED IN THIS . A VERY DISAPPOINTED VEWER AND "X" FAN OF DOWNTON ABBEY.
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