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Original message: Kelly Peppard Phone 720-556-3709 Rehane_1971@yahoo.com Press Release Adams County Department of Social Services Punishes Clients They do not like Adams County Social Services lies about a client to the police posts her face in their security desk and then refuse services to the woman’s daughter. Commerce City, Summer of 2013: Adams County Social Services said a client, Kelly Peppard Threatened them, when in fact she threatened suicide due to a medical condition she could not get assistance to treat. When she left they posted a warning saying she threatened them with a gun and posted her face in their security booth. Later her Daughter Stephanie Rose Peppard went in to get assistance for medical care and food and she saw the posting. She notified her mother Kelly Peppard who contacted the department to clear up the issue stating she was threatening herself not them. They later reported to Stephanie Peppard that she was not allowed to come into the building because she told Kelly Peppard that the notice was posted. Currently Stephanie was applying to TANF for an infant born 10/22/13 and go through a program offered by the State of Colorado to become a police officer, however now she cannot do that because despite submitting a legal birth certificate Human Services is stating Stephanie does not have a child.
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