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Original message: Josh Fox made the film Gasland to tell the stories of families effected by nearby horizontal, Hydro-fractured gas drilling (Fracking). It's a gripping film because it draws you into how families cope with contamination from nearby Fracking and what effects these families face that are uniform across the nation. The film Fracknation was made to frame Gasland as a lie and the harmed families as frauds. And it has done that quite well. Before Fracknation, the Industry made it's own film debunking Gasland - called Truthland. It was 100% Industry funded and backed and also painted Gasland, Josh Fox and victims as frauds. Truthland had a fairly successful tour. The irony is the star of the film, Shelly Depue .. has a leaking water well and likely did when she took the Truthland film on tour: http://www.marcellus-shale.us/Depue-Truthland.htm The Industry myth that the film Truthland and Fracknation are founded on .. that methane has always been in the water, thus Fox and all victims are just pulling some sort of trick, as they obviously know their wells where always contaminated .. has been thoroughly debunked by Professor Anthony Ingraffea. Please review his debunking of the "wells don't leak" and "there was always methane in our water" myths: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oPqlAAR94U When Phelim Mcaleer went to Dimock, he lied to harmed families to get interviews. He told people he was making a "ban fracking" film in Ireland.. .. and then cut only the film he could use .. using only footage that painted victims are frauds: "In an interview with DeSmogBlog, Sautner said McAleer approached him under misleading pretenses, claiming to be an anti-fracking filmmaker hoping to help out in Ireland's fracking fight. "I was hesitant at first to do the interview, but he begged us and we said 'okay.' Everything he ended up using in the video he took out of context. He had it all set up from the beginning of what he wanted to show and he wasn't going to show the truth," Sautner told DeSmogBlog. Victoria Switzer, another Dimock victim of Cabot interviewed for "FrackNation" who spent four hours speaking with McAleer in her house (her interview did not appear in the film), also expressed similar sentiments to DeSmogBlog. He called he assured me he was doing an unbiased documentary both sides of the issues. I think it is significant because it goes to his lying, his manipulation of the truth, and misrepresentation of his agenda. I never would have let him in my home if I knew what his agenda was. Later when I saw some of his other work I was sickened that this man sat at the table my husband built in the home that is now threatened by the industry he serves." http://www.desmogblog.com/2013/05/28/fracknation-part-two-koch-industries-ties-bind This is why Mrs. Sautner appears so upset in Fracknation, she has been lied to by the Fracknation crew and knows they will use the footage they took to paint her and her husband as liars. The film uses the scene of confrontation with Mrs Sautner as proof she is unstable, she is simply upset about being lied to .. as any of us would be. I am also researching a documentary and have spoken to victims who corroborate that families where lied to by Phelim. I advise Colorado PBS to review the information in Desmog's two part series before you consider misinforming the public in service to an Industry that harms people, then wages smear campaigns against them. The Kickstarter funding is also suspect: "The film, however, is being partially funded through donations on the Kickstarter website, and the roster of "executive producers" who have donated at least $1 includes scores of energy industry associates. The filmmakers said Thursday they plan to return any donations given by "senior" workers in the industry, which they define as executives." http://www.post-gazette.com/businessnews/2012/03/04/Industry-gets-cast-in-FrackNation-the-latest-documentary-on-the-drilling-debate/stories/201203040252#ixzz2UXz8XwXz While Natural Gas and Fracking, with strong regulation, may provide a short bridge to our fossil free, sustainable future .. maybe 20 years - not the 100 years Industry is pushing for - Industry must stop their campaign to demonize families who have been harmed and paint them as frauds .. which is the only purpose of this film. It's very hard to prove that Industry's nearby frack job contaminated your water ... even if your water was clear for decades before and the contamination happened when fracking happened. Industry will fight, deny, lie, hide and litigate their way out of addressing contamination - of air, water or soil. America will not tolerate Industry treating people in this manner. While Phelim is in Europe, telling Europe that the US EPA has not found one case of water contamination from fracking in the 60 years we have been drilling here .... families ARE suffering contamination AND demonization. Is this what PBS wants to promote? Thank you for your time, Hope Forpeace, Producer AK Productions
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