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Original message: Okay, it's great to know what people think, but that doesn't make their opinions true. If I wanted to see people on TV express their opinions, I'd go to Fox, CNN, MSNBC. I can see pro-fracking opinions (and lies) on any network supported by big oil (PBS) or owned by a multinational (Fox, CNN, MSNBC). They make everything out to be equal: one side is the same as another. NO, no no! I want scientific evidence backing up claims. Of course, a lot of people support fracking because it's their bread and butter, and I understand that in this desperate economy. However, no matter what opinions people hold, I don't want America's children drinking water with fracking chemicals in them, and I don't want man-made earthquakes caused by fracking. I believe that, perhaps, fracking has been experienced differently in different parts of the country, which may be a factor in people who take either side. But, what's the scientific truth? And what are the sources on both sides because we know that people and even scientists can be bought off. I'm disappointed in you, KBDI, because your assertion of equivalency between the two sides is FALSE. I've grown up with the expectation that out of all the PBS stations, Channel 12 would offer me alternative views approximating the truth, but you've turned to the mediocrity of the big networks, which are no longer respected because of their obfuscations and equivocating. I hope you get the big money you're trying to get from this presentation, but you certainly won't get my "small" money or support. I might as well send a check to CNN.
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