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Original message: Thank you for your show on Standardized Testing: Does It Work? I would love to see a follow up show on the data mining. As a parent, more than the testing concern, I have concerns of the new testing being used for data mining. This point did not get addressed - and could take up a whole show on its own. How can schools go against privacy acts and upload student information to a national data base for others to view? How can parents prevent their child's information being included when the district is involved in this practice. I have been told we could opt out on TCAP but absolutely not for CMAS or PARCC. This is their gateway to the data mining system. Future shows could also address pitting teachers and schools against students if the student is not performing. The state of Colorado is a school of choice state, but many districts, charters and schools openly will not take a student if they have an IEP or 504. How is this FAPE Free and Appropriate Education? Are we moving to a segregated society when publicly funded schools can pick and choose who they will accept for admittance? Soon will we see students not being admitted because they under performed on standardized tests? Will schools suggest that the school is not a good fit and try to flush out the students? Unfortunately, one would like to think that would not happen, but think about this; several students are keeping a teacher or administrator possibly close to retirement from a pay raise or even jeopardizing their livelihood, will they take the high road or take it out on the student?
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