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Original message: Channel 12, What was the programming rationale for airing that dreadful puff-piece for Israel featuring that unindicted war criminal, Netanyahoo? Was it inflicted on Channel 12 by AIPAC or some other Israel booster group? Or did your programming management actually think viewers would believe the horse manure that Bibi & Friends were spreading about the venomous, terrorist, expansionist, nuclear/chemical/biological weapons-ridden state of Jewland? Don't like the term Jewland? My god! Is not that nation officially called the Jewish State? Since when did Americans officially support theocratic nations? Five minutes of this execrable "show" was as much as I could suffer through. The Royal Tour (Royal? Is it now Emperor Bibi?) was neither travelogue, documentary, biography, nor a fair-minded assessment of that miserable apartheid country. Nor was it a work of fair-minded and impartial investigative journalism. As I pointed out earlier, it was a propagandistic puff-piece for faithful Israel firsters and the indigenous and long-suffering Palestinians be damned. Rick Steves and other traveloguers provide snapshot histories that at least pay lip service to national or regional histories and their troublesome pasts, but...The Royal Tour? Now, if you want to provide another perspective on Israel, I suggest you air two documentaries produced by the BBC. You have heard about the BBC, I trust? The first deals with Israel's deliberate and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. Thirty-four U.S. military and intelligence personnel were murdered by the Jewish State's armed forces. I believe the documentary was first aired in 2003. The History Channel also produced a documentary on the Liberty which was aired repeatedly for a number of weeks. BBC also produced a documentary about Israel's secret weapons hoard (2003). I certainly would like to view it----how about airing it together with a live post-show, interactive discussion? Your channel is becoming more advertisement riddled by the week. When are we going to get genuine publicly owned TV back? Other than specific programs on Channel 12.3 and occasionally Democracy Now!, I find no compelling reason to view anything on Channel 12 any longer. The same goes for Channel Six, if it makes you feel any better.
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