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Original message: Hello, I hope all is well at Channel 12. Hey I watch you more than anyone - MHZ news from all over the world in particular. Miss Al Jazeera ;-( I am not an expert, but ... I have spent a year in Ukraine in 9 trips since 2006. Been to Crime 4 times - Yalta; Sevastopol twice. Crimea is much more Russian than the rest of Ukraine. They have had military there for hundreds of years and, just like around US bases, a lot of retired military. All ethnic Russians. In the end, it is better for THE PEOPLE of Crimea to be in Russia - especially with the US and NATO backed neo-fascists having violently overthrown the elected govt in Kyiv. Riots, bank robberies, kidnappings, violence ... not in Crimea !!! I am appalled by the content of the First Ukraine broadcasts. I have seen 3. You cannot call this anything but propaganda. 3 of 6 stories in one show were all about Russian troops preparing to invade Ukraine ... or Moldova ... or Poland. The Russians are coming !!! OMG !!! The Russian soldiers are in Russia - unlike US soldiers that are in dozens of countries around the world - many of which (like Okinawa) have been trying to get rid of the US for years. The Crimeans like the Black Sea Fleet and the Russian military in Crimea. Please DO NOT support the propaganda that the peaceful referendum is illegal but the violent overthrow of the govt in Kyiv is legal. David
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