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Original message: I worked with Don for several weeks and saw him transform dogs with extremely bad behavior in a very short amount of time. He was gentle and kind, some dogs with stronger wills needed more correction than other dogs but for the most part the training lasted 15 minutes and the dogs bad habits were gone. Some of these dogs were so difficult that their owners were considering giving the dog up, afterwards they couldn't believe the difference!! The collar is not a typical metal prong collar, which I also do not care for but more of a hard plastic pyramid shape. I have used it one several dogs I have rescued over the years who have had no training and came from awful circumstances. All my dogs hike off leash, come when called, sit, stay and are able to go everywhere with me. I am sure the "Trainers" who are up in arms about his training methods are also against remote collars as well and anyone with hunting dogs uses them. I have worked with trainers who treat train and use all different sorts of methods but this is most effective training and is perfect for the person who has tried everything and nothing has worked. My dog is famous in my town because he is so incredibly well behaved, everyone knows him by name, he is the perfect dog!!
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