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Original message: I just finished watching CPT12's extremely short discussion about the candidates that will be running for Colorado Governor from the Republican and Democratic party. It seems to me if you truly wanted to provide a service for all the people in Colorado you would include third parties like the Green Party too. The numbers of people who are voting for those 3rd parties are important. In the last election there were around 30,000 votes for the Green Party candidates. Also Green Party candidate for Governor, Harry Hempy has some very important ideas for progressive change that would benefit the Colorado citizens and their voting system. It would be worth allowing the public to hear these ideas. We have also seen how appreciated the independent Senator Bernie Sanders has been to Vermont and I believe many of the Green candidates are in line with the ideals Senator Sanders is pushing forward and the number of independents in the state are very high. Thank you, Susan Hall susanphall@yahoo.com
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