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Original message: for the replacement of jobs in the communities? Most of those now depending on fracking were severely affected by the joke of the oil shale boom and lost everything. In this economy, where do they work? My husband is 4 years from retirement in the field, his family also receive modest royalties which count as the bulk of his elder siblings' incomes. What about the loss of revenue to the state? What do you propose to replace it with in the immediate time to fill these losses? I have a son who has worked with renewables that are shipped to other countries, so much could be done with them here. So how do we break the chokehold of Big Oil? There is so little offere to people whose very lives right through to death depend upon good paying jobs and bennies that many fracking companies offer. My husband has always had great healthcare, 401k that survived fairly well, and now an actual retirement fund as well. His company puts $1,000 annually into our HSA to help cover out of pocket medical. When he was hurt on the job, his company paid a top surgeon of his choice to perform surgery, then paid him full pay throughout a three month recovery, along with all therapy and expenses. Many others would have legally fired him at once. Where in this country could we replace all of THAT?
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