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Original message: Greetings, Thanks so much for the wonderful service you have provided to the citizens of metro Denver for many years. I must apologize that my initial contact is not more positive; however, I was surprised to see a program on crop circles on Channel 12 this morning, which supports the idea that crop circles are created by extraterrestrials. That theory was debunked many years ago. There are many more simple and believable explanations (including many people who have admitted creating them and demonstrated how they did it). The woman who made the outrageous claims and appeared excited about profiting from these claims clearly did not believe in this ruse - she was part of it. These sorts of outrageous claims - especially as supported by a well-respected station such as your own - may contribute to the increasingly questionable judgment of Americans in general. My hope is that others will call attention to this sort of misalignment with the expectations of educated people and encourage you to report only on topics which stand up to true scientific inspection. Thanks, J
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