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Original message: To Whom it May Concern: My name is Shaleec (Sha-lease) Thomas, and I am an entrepreneur. My business is called Fashion W.E.A.R. (We Educate Against Rape). Fashion W.E.A.R., will be a LLC, ran as a social enterprise. The main focus is uniting visual and performing arts to the education around rape, sexual assault and abuse; domestic violence, trafficking, femicide, victim and slut blaming; advocacy, and prevention. Fashion W.E.A.R. would like to know, if in your philanthropic efforts you provide sponsorships, funds and/or materials? If so, how would I go about submitting a proposal? Because Fashion W.E.A.R. isn't a non-profit your sponsorship would be written off as a promotion or advertising expense. If so, how would I go about submitting a proposal and/or if someone from your business who designs clothes would be interested? Because I'm not a non-profit your sponsorship would be written off as a business expense under promotions or advertising.
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