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Original message: In bopping around on the Internet, I and my wife came across a documentary done by the BBC on "Why We Lost the Vietnam War". It covered the Black Lion Army Unit, getting wiped out, as one part of the story...and for a counterpoint presented the University of Wisconsin at Madison "sit ins" and "teach ins" that turned into a huge confrontation with local law enforcement when the Chancellor of the University unwisely "called the local Madison Police Dept. to come on Campus and move the students away from a sit in within the hallways. It Showed the views of "both sides" of the U. of Wisconsin students and then the governing administration. This BBC TV program showed the deception, the ignorance, the deceipt of "war planners", Field Commanders, General Westmoreland, the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, The Press,and President Johnson. The vivid hour long picture shows what a huge tragic mistake the Vietnam "gung ho" War was in the history of American foreign policy.
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