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Original message: Thanks for this great program! Your are doing us a huge service! In the last couple years I have had to totally avoid soy in order not to end up in the hospital. I believe GMO soy has created this problem. Avoiding soy is almost impossible inasmuch as it is added to so many human foodstuffs: cottage cheese, canned tuna, all bakery items, all frozen meals, to mention a few. I have developed migrainous vertigo which results in my falling to the floor with my vision whirling so rapidly I can only see whiteness while vomiting and having diarrhea and trying not to scream. I cannot tell up from down and cannot help myself. This lasts for hours until medicines administered by an ER eventually help. Of course, I can no longer eat Asian food. I have to spend hours reading labels (tons of tiny print) on food products when grocery shopping which--takes a long time. I mostly have to eat only organic fruits and vegetables and cook my own food. I know that our drinking water in Denver is dangerous since Denver Water lies and manipulates. There are hundreds of oil spills every year. One site in a river (Clear Creek) contained booms to corral and absorb the toxic chemicals. These booms were undoubtedly swept away during the huge floods. I am horribly allergic to benzene, yet the EPA allows a certain amount of benzene in drinking water. And the FDA allows it in medicines. The State of Colorado designates certain water bodies as non-drinking water and does not fine industry for chemical spills into those bodies of water. Parachute Creek for example. I use a distiller for my drinking and cooking water. But showers produce fumes that are toxic too. GMO foods should be labeled. And the manufacture, sale, and use of GMO substances should be banned. As you say, they are terribly dangerous to our health, lives, and the world. Thanks
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