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Original message: Thx for airing a component of democracy with the help of Eric Sondermann and Shaun Boyd, who without their professionalism would have been jaw dropping as I was in response to (R) candidates vying to rep the 4th dist (the delta quadrant).. A litmus party, each seemed to be looking over their shoulder least a conservative air horn would sound if answer was out of lockstep, which is the tea party blockade of the U S House of Representatives, dance profile of gridlocked govt., however out of step with Colo voters. To wit, legal weed “bad idea” no banking relief for dopers.2nd, Citizens United (open flood gate of money, merely a “free speech”, 1st amend issue, (can you dog whistle that tune?) As a political junkie, & avowed liberal I admit I didn’t have a dog in that fight. However, It was enlightening to see the lack of compromise, the mothers milk of political governing, confirming some recent polling that conservatives prefer to locate in rural sprawl( Weld Co. sessionistas) , whilst liberals prefer denser housing ( RTD?) More opine lately the country is approaching historic divides. Ken Buck (whom I voted against in his Senate race) seemed to grasp the fallacy of “out there” positions in trying to woo centrist voters and bettered his opponents with that resolve. Too bad some of that up coming TV ad money can’t flow to CPT 12, which is doing the real work of showcasing candidates(credit the idea to Patricia Calhoun,Westword, on Colorado inside out) thx , DaninDen
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