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Original message: Dear Producers, or Shari Bernson; I'm contacting you concerning a showing of 'Take Back Your Power ' www.takebackyourpower.net. I spoke with Shari a few months ago and she was in contact with Josh Del Sol the producer of the movie. The movie needed to be shortened and I believe that this has been accomplished. This is a subject that needs to be shown to the public. Especially now that the city of Denver is going to have Comcast deploy 'Hot Spots' throughout the city. There is now sufficient evidence that non-ionizing radiation Classification by the WHO ( World Health Organization ) should be changed from a Class 2B Carcinogen to a Class 2A Carcinogen. Non-ionizing radiation ( Wireless ) which includes cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, smart meters, power-lines, etc., are currently a class 2B. 2B carcinogens include DDT, LEAD, CHLOROFORM and ASBESTOS! Car manufacturers are also in the process of developing cars with Wi-Fi systems that surround your car to prevent collisions. Electric Car batteries are dangerous and create RF fields that are dangerous to be located near. Many people are suffering from EHS - Electro Hypersensitivity Symptoms. Headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears, memory or concentration problems to name a few. Many of these people are being put on depression medication instead of disconnecting. Author Katie Singer just released a book with my Son's Story: The Electronic Silent Spring - www.theelectronicsilentspring.com. This book covers laws, the dangers of smart meters and there effects, Dirty Electricity among other issues. I would like to know if Channel 12 is going to air - Take Back Your Power? I have investigated 3 different Cancer Clusters. The one on the SDSU campus in San Diego involves several people who have died from GBM Brain Cancer, one of these included my Son. There is a HPWREN ( High Performance Wireless Research & Educational Network ) cell tower on campus located near a building where most of these victims were located. The other 2 cancer clusters involved people on the UCSD San Diego campus that succumbed to Breast Cancers. This involved a room in the Literature Building on campus which was located next to an elevator and electrical equipment. 15 people, 8 women with breast cancers within a few years. Again high EMF's were found. The head of this investigation was Dr. Leeka Kheifets who works and does research through the ' Electrical Power Research Institute.' All 3 schools had epidemiological reports which are mere statistics. What all 3 schools needed were true TOXICOLOGY Studies done. The Kelly Elementary Cancer Cluster in Carlsbad involved several kids with leukemia's and brain tumors. In this investigation another epidemiological report with the same Dr.'s who wrote the report for SDSU. There are huge high tension electrical power-lines that cross this school property and surrounding neighborhoods along with a power station near-by. Upon further investigations there were 59 cell towers and 219 antennas located within a 4 mile radius of this school. WAKE UP AMERICA! Wireless is DANGEROUS and we are all at saturation points! There will be no escape from deadly cumulative toxin!! GET RID OF CELL PHONES, CELL TOWERS, WI-FI and DON'T LIVE NEAR POWER STATIONS OR POWER-LINES! Sincerely, Virginia Farver vrfarv@hotmail.com
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