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Original message: Hi, On Tuesday evenings what has been running from RAI is quite dismal. Bless their hearts, on Mondays we can endure Don Matteo, but the idiocy on Tuesday is too much. We can understand some relief from the heaviness of the Scandinavian dramas, but this stuff on Tuesdays is just too simple-minded and and an insult to your audience. We now automatically switch it off, preferably for other programs on the "Beady-Eye" (KBDI) of course. Can you pass this on to Mhz or give us a contact? I'm sure they would like to know. While I'm on a rant, can Tavis Smiley be informed that his plugs for Walmart are disgusting as well? Just to get rid of them we switch over to NewScan Cooking and many times forget to return. He loses audience and it tarnishes his image as well to have Walmart run all over his program the way they do. Thanks, John and Dianne
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