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Original message: School of Rock Broomfield, 303-325-3772, drisley@schoolofrock.com Broomfield School of Rock Turns up the Volume with the 2014 AllStars Performance-Based Music School Franchise Takes the Stage at  Lollapalooza Love Hope Strength Tour Gathering the Vibes Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois   Chicago, Illinois – This summer, the Broomfield School of Rock will send two students, Keeana Martinez (Vocals) and Eric Meyers (Guitar), to Rock out on stage at the Love Hope Strength Tour as part of the 2014 School of Rock AllStars tour. Acclaimed as some of the best young musicians in the world, the top 1.5 percent of School of Rock’s 17,000 students are selected as prestigious Allstars to embark on a nationwide summer tour. Broomfield School of Rock Students, Keeana and Eric, will be uniting with the AllStars for multiple performances on July 29 at Shubas, July 30 at JBTV Studios: Chicago, July 31 & August 1 Beat Kitchen, and 8/2 Lollapalooza.   Every summer, the AllStars embark on a tour complete with tour buses and multiple live shows throughout the country. Broomfield School of Rock will take the stage with the AllStars and show off their skills in front of crowds of music-lovers, friends and family at the renowned venue. “These local shows are what brings our performance-based music education program to life,” said Josh Risley, General Manager of Broomfield School of Rock. “I can't wait to watch our students rock their hearts out on stage as they join forces with the AllStars as one big School of Rock family." For the third consecutive year, School of Rock is partnering with the Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHSF) – an international, music-centric cancer charity dedicated to saving lives, one concert at a time – in support of their mission to fight cancer. As part of the AllStars tour, students will be collecting saliva samples from festival-goers, which are added to international bone marrow databases in the hopes of making a match and saving a life. So far, these efforts have resulted in eight matches from the festivals. With more than 140 schools in eight countries, School of Rock has quickly grown to become the leader in performance-based music education, transforming the lives of musicians worldwide. At School of Rock, music programs are designed to create a supportive environment, emphasizing that it's not just about playing an instrument; it’s about playing on a team as well. The performance-based approach gives students the opportunity to practice and perform in a group setting, which encourages team building fundamentals and develops confidence. After three months of one-on-one lessons combined with structured group rehearsals and jam sessions, the students transform into rock stars in a blowout concert in front of a real live audience.   For more information on Broomfield School of Rock, please visit https://broomfield.schoolofrock.com .   ABOUT SCHOOL OF ROCK? The music school your mom and dad wished they had when they were kids, School of Rock is an ingenious concept that gets kids and adults rocking out to the classics and up and performing with their peers. With more than 140 locations in eight countries, the franchise proves that rock and roll is here to stay. For more information about the franchise opportunity, please visit http://franchising.schoolofrock.com/.  
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