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Original message: Dear Mr/Mrs, I am writing you in the name of Suzan Russeler, curator of the TextielMuseum in Tilburg (NL). The TextielMuseum is organizing the exhibition BUILDING WITH TEXTILES (September, 27th, 2014 –January, 25th 2015). The focus of the exhibition is the innovative use of textiles and flexible materials in architecture and interior. The exhibition is divided into 5 sections: 1) a short historical overview on tents and lightweight architecture (traditional tents, R.B. Fuller, Frei Otto, Haus Rucker&Co) 2) innovative architectural projects (f.e. OMA/ Prada Transformer; soma architecture/ One Ocean Pavilion; dosu studio architecture/ Bloom; Kennedy & Violich Architecture/ Soft House) 3) interior textile projects, subthemes divided by function (the regulation of light, temperature and sound, the construction of 3D structures, f.e. studio Inside / Outside (NL), Astrid Krogh (DK) 4) display of innovative and smart textile samples 5) educational section for visitors experimenting with textile constructions As introduction to the theme we would like to present an overview about historical tents and lightweight architectureby photographs and films. We would like to present a film of buckminster fuller which we found online: Frei Otto: Spanning the Future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWo-ifNoQ98 We noticed that you are the copyright holder of this film. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could inform us whether you agree to present the film in the exhibition and under what conditions (concerning costs and copyrights). In case you are not responsible we would be grateful for contact information. In case we can fulfil your conditions we would appreciate if you could send us the film in high resolution to be used in the exhibition Building with Textiles and possibly as PR material. For sending the best option would be via We Transfer (or similar service for sending bigger files) to Suzan.Russeler@textielmuseum.nl We look forward to your soon and hopefully postive reaction. With kind regards, Sybren Janmaat Project assistant “Building with Textiles” TextielMuseum* Telephone + 31 (0)13 – 5494526 P.0. Box 4265, 5004 JG Tilburg The Netherlands www.textielmuseum.nl
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