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Original message: Hi, I wanted to talk to John Resudo from the Independent about Comcast as he was talking about them today Sunday July 20, 2014 on his show about charges etc. I have written them twice and they haven't replied yet and as the guy said on the news the other day they would cancel his account at his request and they are doing the same to me and no response to my request to cancel my basic cable that I was kind of forced into subscribing to when I switched to roof antenna over 2 years ago because of their treatment to me since the first letter to them on June 14th. 2014 with my request to cancel and they didn't and my bill went higher yet, what gives, can you help me and others, thanks. George Lucas July 20, 2014 1126 Maxwell ST Colorado Springs, CO 80906-5540 email: lucas60@comcast.net
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