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Original message: While scrolling through the television channels the other day , I momentarily stopped on ch. 12 to hear what I perceived the Hamas reporting of the Hamas incited attack on Israel , from an Arab viewpoint , assessing the ISRAELIS , as aggressors, as the Arab journalist reported the Hamas TERRORISTS , as FREEDOM FIGHTERS ... This is ridiculous and WRONG . Israel is a 5 million people country , entitled to their right to be sovereign AND not to face rocket launches from Gaza . Hamas is NOT freedom fighting ,FREESOM FIGHTING !! Please ... building concrete tunnels, abducting Israeli civilians, and torturing them , and a footnote , lying to Israel while Israel supplied the concrete to build these BUNKERS !! ISRAEL ALSO GIVES CARE , financial and otherwise to theses Palestinians , suing for PEACE, constantly . What do they get in return ? TERROR ... I AM OFFENDED BY YOUR PROGRAMMING , AND please DO NOT TELL ME IT IS BALANCED JOURNALISM AND THEY HAVE A " RIGHT " TO THEIR OPINION ... and tell me , would you be broadcasting this behind their lines , free and liberated , that is , the Israeli viewpoint ? I hardly think so ... Offended in Loveland
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