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Original message: My husband and I are aware of the bias in your news reporting, and therefore are pretty cautious when we occasionally watch a news broadcast on your channel. We sat with our mouths open, appalled, at the more than 10 minute report you aired last evening which was a SKYPE interview with a woman I believe was from UNICEF. It was about the plight of the Palestinian children in the Gaza strip being shelled by Israel. While there is no doubt that innocent children being killed is a tragedy, there was no mention that this tragedy was caused solely by the Hamas terrorist group. Palestine Hamas terrorists are the aggressors and Israel is defending itself. Hamas puts its civilians deliberately in harm's way in order to protect their weaponry, and they depend on biased news outlets such as yourself to broadcast these heart-rending images across the world in order to garner sympathy and support. Israel is defending itself, and takes extra-ordinary measures to warn civilians in Gaza of when and where they will be bombing. If Hamas laid down their weapons tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israel laid down their weapons tomorrow, they would be wiped off the face of the map. How can you not report the truth about their side of the story? You are being used as stooges and I am totally disgusted that a channel that promotes itself as balanced in reporting can behave in such a manner. We will not turn on your channel again, and we will encourage our friends to boycott you as well. Shame, shame, shame on you, to treat our strongest ally in the world in such a manner.
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