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Original message: I am appalled that it was an announcement to stand for Israel. I cannot believe that anyone would stand for Israel for what they are doing to poor innocent children and the poor. It's a shame on the world and those who think this behavior is ok of Israel. They are wrong. Not only that how the story is being told by the United States Reporters is absolutely a disgrace. Israel need to be looked into. That state is not what people think they are.. It's such a shame for them the Jews to forget how much pain they were in not that long ago. 1939 until 1944 One fact remain ISRAEL did not lift one FINGER to help them when they were in pure HELL. now the united states want to side with Israel and we Coloradoans not all, says it's ok to hurt a defenseless people. who only want food, water, paid a decent salary, not accept scraps from Israel as they live on the Gaze strip in PRISON. I guess what Israel will do is ethnic cleanse the Palestinians as they have with all the Black Jews in their country. Orders from the Israel president himself. Is it enough hate? WHY support such actions?
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