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Original message: I was shocked and horrified that CPT12 would choose to air such a radical movie as "Seeds of Death", which masquerades as a documentary about GMO foods. The amount of misinformation and propaganda in this movie was breathtaking. I seldom use the word "evil", but in this case, the blatant distortions in this movie will surely do harm, and CPT12 is clearly complicit. I have seen better-sourced material on the cover of the National Enquirer: what's next, a documentary about how all of Congress has been abducted by aliens and replaced by humanoid replicas? Public television should aspire to educating, as well as entertaining, the public: in the past I have been impressed by the efforts of public TV and radio across the country to act as an antidote to the low quality of the commercial media. Is there no-one in authority at your station who has even a rudimentary science education, or a rudimentary level of skepticism? If you cannot do even the most basic quality control of the kinds of information you present, then I question whether your station deserves to exist. A brief phone call to any of our excellent local Universities would have prevented this embarrassment. You owe all your viewers and donors a public apology. Peter Olins, PhD
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