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Original message: Gary Null doesn't publicize information that can't be backup up and documented from known credible sources. It is important that people at least need to be informed regarding the sources of the food they eat by having the foods they consume labeled "contains GMO ingredients" or "GMO free". Most of the safety research on GMO's has been funded by the very corporations producing them with the stamp of approval coming from the FDA, which is headed by people who...wait for it...used to work for the very corporations producing GMO's. That sounds like a HUGE conflict of interest and I seriously doubt the credibility of anything coming from the FDA as a result. The "jury is out" regarding the independently verified long term safety studies of GMO's. The bottom line is that YOU, the American citizen, are being USED as a LAB RAT concerning your consumption of GMO-containing foods. Do you really want to be a lab rat helping to boost the profits of these huge multi-national corporations? Think about it. What to do you ask? Stay away from as much GMO as you possibly can for the time being. Right now, these giant corporations have paid millions of dollars to prevent labeling initiatives from becoming law. Think about it - if these products were REALLY safe, then why are these huge corporations spending so much money to prevent labeling? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out!!! How to avoid GMO's AND pesticides without GMO labeling: BUY ORGANIC. If the label says "certified organic" then by law, those products cannot contain ANYTHING GMO. By the way, the label jargon "All Natural" is 100% MEANINGLESS. Ignore it. Buy organic whenever possible.
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