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Original message: This program seems biased towards promoting GMO food and seems to play on American nationalism to promote GMO food (e.g. "the Europeans aren't interested in something new from America"). These biases are due to the choice of the people interviewed. I would be curious to learn more of GMO studies on animals. Specifically test results from animals fed the GMO foods we are presently sold; results of feeding GMO foods to generations of an animal species. There is literature stating that animals cannot reproduce after the third generation when each generation is fed a GMO diet. Obviously this literature is biased against GMO food, but I am curious as to the credibility of that information. It is not enough to wave away European concerns about GMOs by stating they aren't interested in new things from America, I cannot dismiss the GMO concerns of other countries, just by stating that other countries in the world have a "lengthy" testing process for GMO foods. And I cannot accept that England is wary of GMO foods due to the mad cow scare they underwent. I truly believe there is more to this, and unfortunately this television program did not provide the answers I am looking for when trying to ascertain the safety of ingesting GMO foods for a length of time. Thanks very much for the show, however, as this is an issue close to my and other Coloradans hearts. The more documentaries on the subject will give us more information, which we greatly need.
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