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Original message: Hi CPT12, My name is Ande Anderson, and I am the co-owner of AVAIYA FILMS out of Boulder. We are premiering Reverend Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour The Movie this September, 2014 at 4 Colorado venues. This is the first of 3 AVAIYA films educating and promoting awareness for LGBT equality. You can watch the empowering and fun film trailer here: (www.GoYolanda.com) I'm emailing to ask if you'd like to include filmmaker iKE ALLEN (based out of Boulder) & Rev. Yolanda in your programming in some way. Perhaps after the film premiere, we could air it on PBS? Or perhaps iKE & Yolanda could be guests on Colorado Inside Out? We are open to all possible ideas you might have. The press release for the film is included below and I hope you're inspired to help us in our pursuit of creating a world that works for everyone. Thank you for all you do! Ande Anderson, MS, RD Co-Founder of AVAIYA Are you ready for The Rocky Horror Picture Show of Country Gospel Music? AVAIYA Media Presents ? Reverend Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour - The Movie (Premiering in Colorado - September 2014) An iKE ALLEN Film 70 Minutes Color English www.GoYolanda.com iKE ALLEN’s new film is “A Gender-Bending Gospel Celebration for Humanity!” This joyous musical production combines live footage of Reverend Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour show with interviews and archival footage featuring Reverend Yolanda and friends. Reverend Yolanda is a licensed interfaith minister and multi-award winning performer, holding titles including the #1 song of 2013 by Out Voice, The GLBT CD Ranking Chart, and the 2014 MAC Award Winner. The music in the film is spectacular, especially combined with Yolanda’s catchy sayings like, “The higher the hair the closer to God!” and “Everything works together for our good,” and “We are angels and we're struggling to be human.” As the film unfolds, you will discover that Reverend Yolanda is not so different than you are. She lives in an apartment in Brooklyn, her husband works for the IRS, and she even has bad hair days. This rich and diverse new film will have you laughing, singing and letting go of judgments you may not have known you even had. Through this film, Reverend Yolanda reminds each of us of our human connection, that we are whole and complete just the way we are, and that the world is filled with wondrous awe and mystery. If you are ready for a night of fun, laughter and love, please join us for the Colorado premieres this September. www.GoYolanda.com To schedule an interview with filmmaker iKE ALLEN, Reverend Yolanda, and for all other publicity, please contact: Ande Anderson: 303-746-7648, love@avaiya.com ?###?
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