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Original message: Democratic Senator Kerr will be taking a tour of ACS Community L.I.F.T. on Wednesday, Aug 20 at noon. Accompanying him will be David Dobson, Republican Candidate for the House of Representatives. Together they will experience what its like to go to a local food pantry, just to make ends meet, as a member of society living on poverty level income We are excited to host both Senator Kerr and Candidate Dobson at our facility and take them on a unique experience. They will be challenged against each other to complete the intake interview, shop in the food bank, get assistance in the free medical clinic, choose a new job path and prepare a snack with the food they chose while shopping. The question is...who will prepare the healthiest snack? ACS Community L.I.F.T. has at its core the mission to serve the Barnum and neighboring communities through a wraparound service model. ACS utilizes a whole person approach to help individuals in need with: their emergent disparities through the food pantry and supportive services, their health disparities in the free medical clinic, and their economic disparities through workforce development opportunities. The staff at ACS Community L.I.F.T. work hard to be innovative in the solutions provided and to find ways to .....Not enable, Not destroy, but to HELP individuals become truly self-sufficient and out of the dependency system.
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