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Original message: I love your programming!! I hate your station!!! Watching Nova Science Now right now, the image extends beyond the screen. It is a CRT television not attached to a cable box or anything and the TV has no adjustment to widen or narrow the screen so I don't think it's the TV. I setup my DVR to record new versions of certain shows on all networks. I love This Old House and Ask This Old House. My DVR is set to record these shows as I cannot be home to watch. You used to air the shows every weekend at the same time, now who know. I saw 3 episodes of the Brownstone project in New York, that is all my DVR saw as new. No, I don't think there is a problem with the DVR cause it only occurs on your station. Other networks air the same show in the same time slot every week, why cant you do that? Why does your HD channel flicker and cut out sound so often? How can I invest in you? Disappointed, Jim
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