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Original message: After reading the last few comments, and having been quite frustrated with the continuing, increasing problems I myself have experienced with KBDI (which I also love and have often defended myself), I felt compelled to offer some empathy to Ronald Webb. Brad Haug, Ronald's reaction may seem a bit over the top to you, but to use your own argument, hasn't everyone had a bad day? And "Love KBDI", your snarky comments contribute nothing--in my humble opinion, your remarks are certainly more embarrassing to you than Ronald's are to him, at least his seem to come from honest passion, rather than ugly condescension and rudeness. The way in which a person points out a problem, for better or worse, does not change the fact that there is a problem. Ronald has a valid point. While I am currently a paying member, I don't bother to complain often, as I understand KBDI is providing us all essentially a free and generous service; but more and more often I find the offerings too distracting to watch, as there are just too many problems, and they seem to be occurring with more frequency rather than less. Certainly one knows lawn mowers break, and cars don't start, but usually not everyday! And can one really blame lay viewers for not understanding why trained professionals at a long-standing television station can't offer solutions more consistently than excuses? Once upon a time KBDI used to recognize a problem, work to repair it and apologise to viewers before said viewers even had an opportunity to notice, let alone complain. That is only one reason why I have felt them to be more reliable than our other public television option, unfortunately, this no longer seems to be the case (now neither is reliable, but at least the other seems to be taking steps forward rather than back, just lately anyway). Wouldn't time spent insulting frustrated viewers be better used in learning from such unexpected difficulties, researching why they continue to happen, finding real and lasting solutions to be the best you could be, as you once were; proactively anticipating, preventing, monitoring and correcting recurring problems, like digital blocking, sound stuttering, overblown or overshrunken, incorrectly formatted programming (with captions, titles and images running off either side of the screen by several inches or boxed down on all sides to the point we need a magnifier); keeping listings accurate and at least posting a notice to viewers when this is not possible; or perhaps the hiccup that is happening this very moment, keeping Documentary Channel programming running on channel 12.2, instead of running World View programming on both channels 12.2 and 12.3. Shouldn't all these glitches be rare instead of the rule? Shouldn't all these items be issues you should be concerned about correcting rather than repeatedly dismissing? From this side of the screen, it has begun to feel like KBDI just doesn't care, they may still attempt to acquire quality programming, but when it is chronically run mischeduled and misformatted, it just feels like a pointless insult to both the viewers and the creators of the programming, and surely, at least from past example, KBDI staff wants to be better than that, too, yes?
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