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Original message: Although very interesting, the show was entirely dominated by the male guests (Dick Cavett,Walter Anderson, etc.) I waited in vain to even find out the names of the female guests. The blond female guest was barely given an opportunity to speak, and was basically talked over. Camera shots of her, when they happened, were from the side, not from the front. Obviously, nothing has changed, even in the intellectual community in terms of some kind of gender balance. Maybe women have nothing to offer, but I don't think so. To be fair, I started watching halfway through, so I can only hope the female guests spoke their piece before I tuned in. Please review the show and see what you think. I felt like it was another case of business as usual. The blond woman got to speak as the camera faded to black at the end, but it was minimal and not part of the ongoing discussion. What's the deal here, guys? Please take a look and tune in to this issue(of course, everyone there was white, but that's another aspect of this discussion).
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