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Original message: A worthy read. I intend for the complete book to be available December 31, 2011. Charles M. Fraser http://hammerandcyclemessengerservice.com/ - A KALEIDOSCOPIC COLD WAR VIEW – Hello, I hope this isn't too much of an intrusion sending a semi-personal message, but I'd like for Yelena to at least see my e-mail advertisement. One night over a decade ago at the northwest corner of 29th Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan we met only a few weeks after I'd read your book about your family in our local library at 30th Street. You were with your mother and another man. Turns out the person(me) who still hasn't visited, never quit. My copy of Vladimir Pozner's EYEWITNESS was bought at that library for maybe a quarter and had by then fallen apart but not enough to keep me from reading it this last at least third time. My wife and I live in Astoria now across the East River. And I'm at least glad I've had this opportunity to send you this message. Have fun, Charles M. Fraser
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