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Original message: Just letting you know that the Van Veeteren series and The Octopus Series are the best in my opinion. the Scandanaavian series with the lovely blood woman is not to my likely. All though this detective is lovely and entirely humane, there are too many gruesome and gory scenes. As a clinical psychologist, I should warn you that such graphic footage can induce secondary post traumatic stress in the viewer. The images tend to repeat themselves in a persons mind involuntarily after the movie is complete. An aware person who does meditation, or is otherwise self observant, will notice this, while a less aware person may become more irritable, sleep more poorly, etc. without knowing why. As interesting and as well done as the show is, I have decided NOT TO WATCH IT. It does have really have the same degree of relevance to current day social issues or the moral content that the other mystery series I mentioned do have. And neither of those is as graphically violent with bizarre killings. This more brutal program does highlight the relationship between crime and mental illness, but also instills unnecessary stress. I will also not be watching the Weds. night series. With the Octopus series as long as it is, I'm sure there are many viewers like myself who would love to see the episodes that they have missed. I woulld like to see this continue from the beginning which you have started this year. I appreciated this as I'd never seen the older episodes and would like this to continue. Thanks, I know you don't reply so no need to rub it, but I do hope you read this. Liz Butters monthly contributor
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