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Original message: How can you guys maintain your 501C status when you have the likes of Amy Goodman kicking back and allowing the likes of Van Jones to say whatever the hell he wants unchecked? I understand Democracy NOw does not receive public funding to produce the show, but CPT12 does. I think it is hilarious that CPT12 runs that spot with different personalities claiming they think people trust CPT12 for reason X, Y,or Z. Its pretty hypocritical when you prop up your own programming by claiming that it is the honest to goodness truth, when the majority of your news programming is actually opinion based on someone's thinking rather than factual information. This kind of programming is the exact reason why I would never drop spend a red nickle to help CPT to continue its programming. The only reason I watch your station is to blog about the lies you allow to air. Nary a week goes by that I don't put the badmouth on CPT12, PBS, APT, etc . . . It is evident that public broadcasting is nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party these days. PBS Newshour, Washington This Week, Need to Know, and Moyers & CO are all guilty of denigrating the right. I'm not so closed minded that I am not objective in my thinking; but, I am not so blind that I can't see the bias. I do not believe Public Broadcasters should be allowed to use the tax dollars of the hard working citizens of our nation to promote the freeloading ways of the left. If it were all about Sesame Street and Arthur, I'd have no problem supporting public broadcasting. ON the other hand, I feel that public broadcasting should not be involved in the daily news cycle. CPT12 needs to clean up its programming if it wants my money or I'll be working against you. Should the right regain control over the U.S. Senate, and maintain control over the House in the upcoming election, you can bet I'll be out there pushing to have the tax emempt status for Public Broadcasting stations revoked. The matter has been brought to the floor before, so its no stretch to think it could happen again.
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