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Original message: HI, in flipping through channels and seeing PBS was having yet another fund raiser (silly 60's music) I was so lucky to catch the POV (?) documentary on the Northwest Airlines mechanics, etc. stike featuring Roy and Melissa Koch (no relation to the Koch bros.?) Although I knew of this strike, it was disturbingly fascinating to follow Roy and his daughter to Chine to see where his job went, then went again, to a cheaper labor city. To see the impact this strike affected its workers was shockingly sad. It really clarified for me the nasty effects of globalization. We will never get these jobs back. What does that forbode for out the future generations of kids we mortgage our future to get thru college?? It scares me to know that when I fly, the maintenance of the carriers is left to an obscure shop God knows where... You are doing a great job, CPTV12. I look forward to future important programming that keeps the public informed. I am glad I am a member and will remain so in the future. Sandra Dow
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