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Original message: August 15, 2012 Dear Channel 12, My wife and I are contributing members of your station. We enjoy various programs but especially those on 12-3 and most especially those from MHz. The foreign language mysteries are favorites. A couple of months ago, 12-3 was off the air for several days. When we called to enquire, we were told that it had something to do with a Comcast hardware problem. We assumed that it was taken care of. This week we recorded the Maigret series on Tuesday, August 7, as we always do at 10:00 p.m. Much to our chagrin, when we tried to watch it the following day, 12-3 had experienced “technical difficulties” the night before. We completely missed that Maigret program since it is not shown again. Was it Comcast hardware again? Does that mean that if we subscribed to Comcast, we would not experience these problems? We are sorely disappointed with Channel 12. Our contribution each year is relatively small but a stretch for us on a fixed income. We feel that we should contribute to the station that we enjoy regularly. But if Channel 12 cannot maintain its hardware, we must reconsider. We will call Roku to see if they can supply viewing with no hassles. Please fix your hardware. Sincerely, Steven & Kathy Lawrence
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